Delivering Consistently Great Customer Service

This week, Ezra Firestone is back to discuss how to provide excellent customer service with an eCommerce store. We discuss how the key to success, and one of the cheapest marketing tools available, is consistent, great customer service. We also get into different types of tools you can use to effectively track incoming correspondence, with an easy-to-access log to ensure completion.

On this episode, Ezra and I use our experiences with our eCommerce stores, along with valuable advice to help turn anyone into a repeat buyer. You don’t want to miss this episode’s practical and easy-to-apply advice that can make you millions.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of ticketing systems in your eCommerce store.
  • Ezra’s first sale feeling of ecstasy.
  • Why you need to still work the help desk from time to time, even if you already have a team in place.
  • The 9 things people want from customer service.
  • Why all store owners need to treat your team the way you want your customers treated.

What Was Mentioned

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  • I had the ideas around a better product review product. Sounds like we all have the same problems. We’re using Yotpo now which is the more affordable decent option I’ve found. Lots of opportunity there though, esp for a system that can be integrated with other email marketing tools. Are you listening, startup world?

  • Hi Andrew, I’m a new listener to the show and am loving the content you’re putting together. I am a software developer and your comment about “if someone will create a review system for e-commerce that’s better than what reseller ratings has to offer and for a reasonable price, I would sign up”…I would love to find out what you’re envisioning. I tried to contact you via the contact form but the person who browses your emails mistook my intent for an interview – rather, I’d like to know what features are important to you and what type of price point you’re talking about. I’ve been thinking about doing a review engine for quite a while (I do a headphone review site as well) so I have been toying with writing something. I’d love to exchange some emails or whatever just to get an idea of what you think would be a valuable tool / service.

    Again, love the podcast. You are doing a fantastic job and providing a TON of useful information, and I very much appreciate that.

  • Hi Andew,

    Love the new format with having Ezra on as fulltime guest. There is so much great content, I can’t keep up and I need to repeat the show again. One thing that would be great, is if you can list the resources you guys talk about. I’m trying to find the app Robin , Ezra talked about but can’t find the URL. If you could post that, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the great podcast.

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