Exploring International eCommerce Opportunities

As one of the perks of eCommerce is the ability to run your business anywhere there is internet access. Every day more entrepreneurs are choosing exotic locals to establish as their home base. This trend is raising interesting questions for many entrepreneurs based in the U.S. and abroad about how the taxes are calculated. Which tax laws apply to eCommerce business owners who are U.S. citizens that live outside of the U.S.? do they owe the IRS, or would their taxes go the country that they are currently based out of? By answering these and other questions, many entrepreneurs are finding out what options are available to them.

My guest, Andrew Henderson, is the founder of NomadCapitalist.com and The Nomad Society. Andrew is an international entrepreneur and perpetual traveler, searching the globe for the best places to live, invest, and start a business. With his private online club, The Nomad Society, his members receive access to valuable training and contacts that can help them internationalize their lives and their businesses. Listen in, as Andrew shares valuable tips, where he feels the best places worldwide to invest are, as well as his path to a successful nomad lifestyle. You will not want to miss this episode!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What the foreign earned income exception is.
  • How you can exempt yourself from 100-200k in income tax.
  • Why the U.S. is making it harder for people to be globally competitive.
  • How you can get a 2nd passport.
  • The 4 foreign currencies that Andrew feels are the best bet for diversifying.

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  1. A big fan of the podcast. Not a fan of Andrew Henderson. Sounds like a bit of a hypocrite. You can’t tell other people to matter-of-factly renounce their US Citizenship when you’ve only “thought about it”. I just find displeasure with “advice” gurus who haven’t actually created their own experiences before giving said advice.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I just found this podcast about three weeks ago when I started my first real e-commerce store (I’ve been selling on Amazon and eBay for the past four years). I’ve been listening to all of the past episodes and working on getting my site, HouseWarmingHQ.com, going and I’m happy to announce that I had my first sale today!
    I appreciate all of the information you and your guests put out and I will continue to listen and learn and hopefully contribute one day soon. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Citizenship is like gender. You can change it, but it’s gonna be awful painful trying to go back…

  4. Liked the podcast, as an expat living in South America and starting an e-commerce store serving here, it would be great to see additional podcasts based on markets outside of the US. Keep up the good work, this has been an amazing source of information!