5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Site Redesign

This week, I welcome back Ezra Firestone to discuss the 5 questions all eCommerce owners need to consider before starting a site redesign. We debate the reasons behind why an eCommerce store owner would start a site redesign and where to begin. We also get into the different tools that you can use to determine what needs to be changed on your site vs what should stay the same.

On this episode, Ezra and I draw on our past and current experiences with site redesigns to give time- and money-saving advice to help your redesign go as smoothly as possible. You do not want to miss this episode’s valuable advice that can save you thousands.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The 5 questions to ask before attempting a site re-design.
  • Design without function is vanity, do not do a redesign for purely aesthetic reasons.
  • Your customer’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, you need to streamline your site and keep your content easy to digest.
  • Why you need to pay attention to your customer feedback.
  • How much time you will need for a proper site re-design.

What Was Mentioned

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This Week’s Winner

Congratulations to Daniel Nunney of GolfCartGarage.com for winning this week’s eCommerceFuel shout out!

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  1. Andrew and Ezra,

    Thanks for the shout-out in this week’s podcast! Thanks for answering my questions related to creating the LLC. I finally pulled the trigger and went through the process of having an LLC created. I just created the LLC without a DBA at this time. In the future, I may create a DBA if I need to. I should be ready to get started within the next month.


    -Nick Pitello

  2. Andrew-

    Thanks for the first sale shout-out! Just a mini update – since the Golf Cart Garage’s first sale I’ve had a purchase or two every other day for the past few weeks! At this point I can feel a bit of momentum, which is awesome. I’ll be sure to send a status update 6-12 months out. Thanks again!


    Thanks for the actionable tip on the phone number size – I’ve already noticed that a number of my customers are in the older demographic, so I’m going to up the font size immediately!

    -Dan Nunney