Hiring and Compensating Top Performers

Most eCommerce owners struggle with hiring, let alone trying to hire when they’re scaling at a rapid pace. Roc Pilon is a successful entrepreneur in business, real estate, and the fitness industry. Roc has a really interesting story coming from a trailer in Boise, Idaho dealing with the effects of the 2008 recession and going all in with $5,000 and an idea to innovate better powerlifting gear under his Gymreapers.com brand. 

Listen in as we dive into how Roc managed to successfully hire 30 people over the span of two years using LinkedIn as his hiring tool and how he has approached compensation with the team members he has hired, including how he handles performance incentives. Roc also shares how to best get your team to model the core values of your business, what the downsides are to having a remote team, and how hiring an Operations Manager has been a game changer for him.

You’ll learn:

  • Gymreapers in a nutshell. (5:25)
  • How Roc has hired most of his team. (9:45)
  • Using LinkedIn as a hiring tool. (11:55)
  • How to handle compensation for top performers. (17:20)
  • Base salary vs. performance incentives. (22:00)
  • Roc’s leadership style and what he finds works the best. (25:20)
  • How to get your team to model your core values. (33:10)
  • How Roc found his current Operations Manager. (37:00)
  • Having a remote vs. in-person team. (44:00)
  • Lightning round with Roc. (54:00)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com and Roc Pilon of Gymreapers.com)


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Image credit to Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

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