Mastering the Hiring Process

Former investment banker Bill D’Alessandro is an eCommerce guru who continues to find new ways to generate revenue. As his business expands, he is finding that he needs to hire employees to keep up with the demand that his products are generating.

Hiring employees as a start-up business owner can be a frightening experience. This week Bill returns to the show to discuss how to navigate the market of potential job candidates, and how to minimize your risk of hiring the wrong personnel for your organization.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to tailor the interview process for the type of position you are hiring for.
  • The universal importance of writing ability in modern business, and how that is usually the first impression that most prospective employers will have of you.
  • Why giving a candidate actual tasks to perform can be much more effective in finding the right person for the job.
  • How relevant a college degree is in today’s employment marketplace, and how important it should be to you as a prospective employer.
  • The best ways to advertise a job posting online, and which ones are going to net the most qualified applicants.

What Was Mentioned

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This Week’s Contest – Win a Beautiful, Entrepreneurial Poster

This week we’re giving away a free poster from Bill’s new startup,, which has beautiful posters with inspirational business and entrepreneurial quotes.  To enter the contest, leave a comment below letting us know your favorite quote from the Startup Styles collection.  We’ll pick one winner and will send them their favorite poster from the store.

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  • Just curious, how would you promote a website that sells inspirational art? SEO? Could this be done through PLA listing ads?

    Would love to get your thoughts. Thanks

    • Hey Mike –

      I’m still working on the best way to drive paid traffic for PLAs could definitely work. Since it’s a more visual product, I’m also looking into Pinterest advertising/marketing, as well as reselling/dropshipping for some of the larger art sites.

    • Great questions, and I imagine it’s a bit tricky / different from normal KW research approaches. Bill, can you comment on how you’ll be doing that?

  • Risk more/dream more is such a powerful way to live. Most people are so risk adverse that it keeps them from making rapid progress. Most people are afraid to fail. I believe in sending it. 🙂 I would love that poster.

  • Just purchased the poster for “The biggest difference between winning and losing is most often not giving up.” Love that quote, especially when you’re starting to feel a bit burned out.

    Great episode, Bill – thanks for donating a poster! Excited to pick a winner shortly.

  • I am a big fan of “Reality is Negotiable” by Tim Ferris – reminds me that there’s always another alternative and it is what you make it!

  • Think big, start small, learn fast was my exact mindset when I decided to start my first business. Put me down for that one.

  • Congratulations to Benjamin Hunter for winning the poster contest! Ben, I’ll be touch shortly to coordinate getting you that poster. 😉

  • Fun interview! Regarding whether to require a college degree, my vote these days goes to it doesn’t matter. A smart person is a smart person regardless of whether college was right for them or not.
    But my pressing question is about the lady with all the typos who “double spaced after a period.” What?! I was #1 in my typing class (yes, I learned on an electric typewriter, that just means I’m older AND WISER!) and was taught to always double space. It comes so unconsciously to me that I don’t know if I could stop. Am I committing a huge writing faux pas?

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