Investing in Private Deals: Angels, Funds, Syndicates and More

How does your investment portfolio look these days? I’ve been doing some investing over the past couple of years, running a very small investment syndicate that has taught me a ton, and I’m excited to have someone on the show who has been doing similar things. Andrew Gluck is the Founder of Irrvrnt.com, an investment fund that invests in DTC operations companies and emerging eCommerce tech (among other things), and we’re going to be geeking out on all things investing—and so much more.

Tune in as we share the lessons we’ve learned, as well as the mistakes we’ve made in our respective investment journeys. You’ll hear us deep dive into angel investing, including what to consider before becoming an angel yourself. We also talk about rolling funds, the current investment landscape, and whether having a solid network to tap into is an important pillar of successful investing.

You’ll learn:

  • Andrew’s background in the industry. (3:20)
  • Who he would recommend angel investing for and what do consider before getting into it. (6:20)
  • How Irrvrnt.com is set up for investing. (12:30)
  • Some of the mistakes that Andrew made in angel investing. (14:25)
  • The importance of having a good network. (22:00)
  • The benefits of a rolling fund. (24:20)
  • The types of deals that Andrew invests in. (36:45)
  • What the current investment landscape looks like. (46:20)
  • The details on Irrvrnt.com. (50:00)
  • Lightning round with Andrew. (52:00)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com and Andrew Gluck of Irrvrnt.com)

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