So how are entrepreneurs doing lately? Dr. Sherry Walling joins the show for the second time around to give some insight into the state of entrepreneurship today, including whether entrepreneurs are re-evaluating their lives and businesses as the world emerges from the pandemic. As a Clinical Psychologist that specializes in helping entrepreneurs with their mental health, and the founder of the podcast, she has a unique finger on the pulse of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in the world today.

Listen in as we talk about some of the most common myths that entrepreneurs tell themselves, what it can look like to balance work and personal life successfully as an entrepreneur, and whether it is actually more stressful to be an entrepreneur today than at any other time. We also explore grief and psychedelics, including the strategies that Sherry personally used to grieve and how she uses psychedelics therapeutically in her practice. 

You’ll learn:

  • Is it more stressful to be an entrepreneur today? (2:55)
  • What it can look like to successfully balance work life and personal life. (7:45)
  • Some of the common myths that entrepreneurs tell themselves. (10:30)
  • The strategies that helped Sherry to personally grieve well. (21:25) 
  • Sherry’s official background in psychedelics and how she uses them therapeutically in her practice. (24:55)
  • Lightning round with Sherry. (37:15)

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