Picking the Optimal Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Guru Andrew Bleakley

Andrew Bleakley comes on the show today to discuss shopping carts and getting your ecommerce store set up for success.  Mr. Bleakley is a developer who specializes in ecommerce and shopping carts with over 1,000 websites under his belt, and he talks to Andrew about the best options in shopping cart software today.

Whether you are still looking to setup your first ecommerce store, or you’re well on your way with an online store, you’ll find Andrew’s top recommendations for the optimal shopping cart setup.  You’ll also hear discussions on some of the other aspects that seperate the average ecommerce stores from those that really kill it!  Listen in below.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The optimal shopping cart setup to get your online store up and running quickly.
  • What working on over 1,000 ecommerce sites has taught Andrew, and how you can implement what you’ll learn.
  • The importance of marketing strategy over website design and features and how that effects your decisions launching a store.
  • One killer tactic for getting the custom design work for your website without paying an arm and a leg.

What Was Mentioned

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  1. Really enjoyed this interview! Great insights from Andrew Bleakley .

    The About Us page info was pretty interesting – I would tend to agree, that sometimes a more personal connection can make all the difference.

    1. Thanks Mark! Yeah, the “About Us” page is powerful. Did it already on TM.net, need to do it on RCR soon.