Making Bets and Measuring Uncertainty

Billy Murphy is an eCommerce professional, among many other things. He has had success in business with Blue Fire Poker, his blog, Forever Jobless, and now he shares his knowledge on his training site called eComLab.

Billy’s on the show today to talk about all things eCommerce, from how to get great deals buying sites to drop shipping vs. brand generation, and a whole lot more. There are massive nuggets of wisdom in this episode, so dig in!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Which is better: diversified smaller stores or focused single stores?
  • What expected value is and how it can help you win.
  • How a failed business can be the right choice.
  • Where to find higher upside in uncertainty.
  • The best way to build a long-term eCommerce strategy.

What Was Mentioned

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  1. Hey Andrew,

    Found your podcast, through the Empire Flipper session you did, Awesome content buddy.. really made me want to kick my Product sites up a notch…

    Also this was a fantastic session with Billy… heaps of really useful tips. Interesting enough I ‘ve now done both, drop shipping and importing my own products, from both china and USA into he Australia Market. I know which one I would prefer…

    1. Hey, Darren.

      Andrew and eCommerceFuel are kinda awesome, eh? He’s got some interesting/fresh ideas and shares a TON over here and we love his approach.

  2. Great interview with Billy. I to love the cartoons on Forever Jobless. They’re so simple yet so to the point.