Should You Run Multiple Businesses?

Are you a business owner who is working hard to get your business off the ground, but keep thinking about starting new one? Is your plan to split your days between two businesses and have your staff do the same? Well listen up, because this episode is all about when it is the right time is to start a second or even third business and still experience incredible success.

Joining me again on the eCommerceFuel podcast is Rebel CEO, Bill D’Alessandro. Together, we dive into the many pitfalls that entrepreneurs can experience when they decide to start a new project too soon. We also discuss how to effectively split your time and how to tell when the right time to start a new business venture is. Bill and I share our experiences of running multiple businesses and the tricks we have learned to effectively split your time and be successful in all of your ventures.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why, when running multiple projects, 2+2 does not always equal 4.
  • Why you should never start a new project until your current project is successful.
  • The 2 parts of every business that you need to automate or systematize.
  • The real cost of constantly being distracted.
  • Why you need to learn how to tell yourself no.

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