Our Members Spend $50 Mil/Year on SaaS

Would You Like An Introduction?

We are the largest Community of 7- and 8-figure eCommerce store owners in the world.  Our members are decision-makers who are willing and able to commit to your software for the long term.

Some quick numbers:

  • A large percentage of the 40,000 posts in our Community each year are about software.
  • Last year our members shared almost 2,000 software reviews in our Review Directory
  • In a recent poll, 50% of members said they checked eCommerceFuel before making a major software decision.

Here’s How We Can Help

We’ll get you in front of our members in a number of different ways:

We’ll Highlight You in Our Review Directory

Inside eCommerceFuel we’ve built a proprietary Review Directory that contains 10,000+ member-written reviews.  Our members trust these reviews deeply as they’re written only by fellow trusted members with first-hand experience with the software.  No fake reviews, paid placements or affiliate links to muddle the waters.

As a eCommerceFuel SaaS Partner, we’ll make sure to do two things.  First, we’ll make sure you have a listing in our Directory.  If not, we’ll create one for you so that you’ll pop up when members search for software in your category.

Secondly, we’ll highlight your listing in our Directory so that it stands out (see image below) from your competitors.  You’ll also be featured on our ‘Partners’ page where members regularly go to look for new software.

Get Featured in Our Popular Weekly Friday Fuel Newsletter

Once a week we send our popular Friday Fuel newsletter to all 1,000+ of our members.  It’s a summary of the best discussions and posts and gets surprisingly high engagement:  over 50%+ open rates and 15%-20% CTRS.  Crazy-high numbers, but 100% legitimate:

As a Partner, we’ll highlight you in our ‘Featured Partner’ section with a strong call-to-action for our members to try your product.

We’ll Mention You in Archived Discussions

eCommerceFuel was founded in 2012 and we’ve built up quite an archive of discussions: 200,000+ posts.  Chances are good that your company has been mentioned and/or discussed by our members in the past.

As a Partner, our Community Manager will promote you and our partnership in any past relevant threads.  This notifies prior participants (via email) about you as well as future members who read the discussion.

We’ll List You on Our Site

We’ll add your logo (and a followed backlink from our site with an ahrefs Domain Rank of 73) to our official ECF Partnership page.

What’s the Cost?

Nada. Zip.  Zero.  That’s right, you pay nothing.  We don’t even want (or will take) an affiliate commission.

All we ask is that you provide a meaningful discount or compelling offer to our members in exchange for being an Official Partner.  The minimum discount to qualify for partnership is a lifetime 20% discount or 3 free months for new sign-ups.


To be considered, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible.

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we aren’t able to respond to every submission. 

If your software is a good fit for our Community we’ll be in touch with the next steps, usually within 7-14 days.