Doubling Down on Culture to Sell 8-Figures of Frogs

Usually when I invite a guest on the show, it’s to learn all the trade secrets of what they do really well, but today’s guest joins me because he’s an incredible human being that also happens to be really good at running an eCommerce store. Meet Josh Willard, the founder of Josh’s Frogs, an 8-figure business and the largest producer of captive-bred poison dart frogs in the United States—and possibly the world!

Listen in as we dive into Josh’s interesting approach to building a values-based business, where he gets the most bang for his buck when it comes to marketing, and why he decided to only sell frogs that are raised in-house. We also talk about why Josh shares the company’s financials with his team (including revenue, profit, and even his own salary) and the benefits and risks of opening the books in this way.

You’ll learn:

  • All about Josh’s Frogs: the numbers and the products. (5:10)
  • How Josh approaches marketing today and which platform is working the best. (11:00)
  • Why he shares the company’s financials with his team and how he handles the challenges of doing so. (15:30)
  • The profit-sharing structure of Josh’s Frogs. (21:00)
  • Why Josh has made it part of his company culture to discuss core values often. (24:20)
  • Why he decided to only sell frogs that are raised in-house. (29:10)
  • How frogs are shipped across the country. (33:25)
  • Lightning round. (41:15)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com and Josh Willard from Josh’s Frogs)


What Was Mentioned

Image from JoshsFrogs.com featuring their Pasco Poison Dart Frog.

Andrew Youderian
Post by Andrew Youderian
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