Skye Chilton is the owner of, a family-owned and operated company that supplies top-quality herbal and medicinal mushroom products online. Skye partnered with his father, Jeff Chilton, a well-renowned expert in mushrooms, and leveraged his expertise and credibility in the industry to grow the brand. What is particularly interesting about Skye is how he leveraged podcasting and social media to grow consumer awareness without throwing money at advertising, which as we all know is getting harder and more expensive.

In this episode, Skye details how he used podcasting to give value to his audience without feeling like he was selling, how he was able to get himself featured on 150 podcast episodes, and the rough economics of using podcasting as a means of marketing. Skye also shares how he used as a platform to grow his email list and educate consumers on what sets his product apart from the competition.

You’ll learn:

  • How mushrooms can change your life. (4:30)
  • How Skye differentiates his products from the competition. (9:10)
  • What they found most successful when it came to leveraging the expertise behind the brand. (11:15)
  • Skye’s approach to getting on podcasts and his experience working with a booking agent. (14:00)
  • The economics of podcasting as a means of marketing. (19:50)
  • The media and press opportunities that they have tried to leverage. (24:00)
  • How they built an email list through Reddit. (26:20)
  • Skye’s advice for going into business with family members. (29:00)
  • What it’s like being a Canadian company selling mostly to the United States market. (32:50)

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