September 2014 News Roundup

Drew Sanocki is back again on the eCommerceFuel podcast to delve into the top news stories in the eCommerce world from the past month. This week, we dive into the changes that Google has made and is expected to make, and introduce Drew’s exciting new eCommerce venture.

On this episode, Drew and I discuss two of the topics that have been on the forum that we both still struggle with as well as the four trending eCommerce news headlines. You do not want to miss our breakdown down of the important changes and our advice that can save you valuable time and money.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why you need to create a mobile store NOW!
  • Why I am really upset with Google’s changes.
  • The three big Google changes and how they affect you.
  • What do you call yourself as an eCommerce Entrepreneur?
  • When it would be a good idea to let Amazon sell your product.

What Was Mentioned

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This Week’s Winner

Congratulations to Ryan Moretti of for winning this week’s eCommerceFuel shout out!

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  1. Thanks for the round ups Andrew and Drew. I agree about google authorship especially given how many people pass over my site in the serps compared to new visitors I get. I’m going to try rich snippets for videos as an alternative. If I’m in the vid it should act similarly to the profile photo as it would be a still shot of me. If it’s a product search term and the video is about the product they will see a still shot of it in the serp as well!