Leveraging SMS to Build a Subscription Business

Chuckie Gregory is the founder of Club EarlyBird, a morning cocktail that makes it easy to wake up early and get stuff done. He has grown his supplement brand from $0 to $1-million in sales in less than a year through video testimonials, direct mail after purchase, and SMS messaging strategies.  

In this episode, Chuckie details the SMS messaging strategy that they use at Club EarlyBird, including why they collect phone numbers with a post-purchase opt-in rather than at checkout, how he justifies the cost of SMS messaging over other forms of marketing, and why he implemented “Get Sh*t Done Tuesday.” He also shares how they have increased conversions through one simple tactic: removing entries from the checkout page.

You’ll learn:

  • How Chuckie developed the morning cocktail. (3:00)
  • How he cultivated video testimonials from customers. (7:45)
  • How they use SMS technology in their marketing. (9:10)
  • How customers are sold on the benefits of opting into SMS messaging. (14:10)
  • How they balance the dunning process. (29:30)
  • How they keep churn low. (31:50)
  • The importance of having a clear customer journey. (34:40)
  • Chuckie’s favorite (and least favorite) piece of e-commerce technology. (36:30)
  • How Club EarlyBird has grown through Snapchat. (38:40)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.com and Chuckie Gregory of ClubEarlyBird.com)

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Photo credits to Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.

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