Sourcing and Manufacturing Products in China

Peter Keller is the founder of FringeSport, a company that makes and sells equipment for Crossfit enthusiasts. In only a couple of short years, the company has put itself on track to reach $3 million per year.

One place where FringeSport really excels is in their ability to manage their manufacturing, which is almost exclusively done abroad. In this episode, you’ll hear all about how they’re able to make this work to the tune of $3 million per year.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to make an eCommerce business successful while moonlighting.
  • What the process looks like when working with a product designer and engineer.
  • One of the main reasons why to choose a U.S.-based engineer for product design.
  • How to lower your time in transit and cost for shipping.
  • Some of the absolute highest-value lessons learned from Chinese manufacturing.

What Was Mentioned

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  • What is the DC that I hear you and Terry Lin talk about. I’m always in my car when it comes up so this might have been covered, but I think it was mentioned in this show also? Thanks and love the show.

  • Thanks Andrew and Peter for sharing this great content !Awesome insights with a transparent approach…priceless!

  • Andrew & Peter, this was one of the most in-depth podcasts that I’ve heard. Tons of valuable information. Definitely worth listening to the entire podcast.

    Quick question, how have you guys been able to increase traffic? Has it been primarily organic or have you used PPC to grow your businesses initially (in relation to getting your site off the ground).

    • Hey Jelani!

      We have used, and continue to use PPC. However, I wish I had gotten more into the organic side earlier. PPC is a great tool, but it can get out of hand very easily. Plus, you need either large margins, or a demonstrated CLV (customer lifetime value) to justify it.

      • Peter,

        That’s a good point. PPC would def be more valuable if you had repeat customers.

        As a former athlete, I was surprised to see somebody go into weights, barbells, etc. What made you think that it would be a good market to get started in. After all, how much can you distinguish one weight set from another? Sometimes these inconceivable ideas turn out to be the best because nobody else has the guts to try. Would you think this type of thinking played a role in your initial decision to pursue FringeSport?

        • Hey Jelani,

          Why a former athlete? It’s never too late!…

          In any case, we are targeting the functional fitness and CrossFit markets- so the weights are typically a bit specialized or niched-down from “normal” weights. This decreases competition and increases margins.

  • Hey Andrew and Peter,

    I just wanted to thank you both for sharing this discussion. It’s one of my favorite episodes of the podcast so far–I loved the in-depth discussion. It was extremely inspiring and down-to-earth–definitely made the prospect of building a multi-million dollar business seem attainable. Thanks!

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