Ezra Firestone Interview: When To Hire Employees vs. Contractors

Ezra Firestone is back on the show this week with a behind-the-scenes look at his life and business. We discuss all about the differences in how he staffs versus outsources with his companies Boom by Cindy Joseph and We also find out why he eats a worm on his Mastermind video call!

On this week’s episode, Ezra Firestone explains how his businesses are structured, what tasks he hires for internally, and which jobs he outsources. We also have a surprise guest pop in and join the discussion about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Don’t miss this episode!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • BigCommerce vs Shopify – an unbiased, independent report.
  • Ezra’s hiring policy on Customer Service Roles.
  • The importance of SOPs to your business success.
  • How to successfully keep SOPs updated.
  • Why daily structure is important for entrepreneurs.
  • Ezra’s “no phones in the bedroom” policy.
  • Why Ezra ate a worm with James Schramko.

What Was Mentioned

This Week’s Winner

Congratulations to Kayla Slager of for winning this week’s eCommerceFuel shout out!

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  • Did Ezra say that he is moving Boom or Smart Marketer to Shopify? If the latter, that would be interesting…

    • Hey Wes! I don’t “think” so, but could be wrong. But I do know he’s moving a lot of his newer stores that direction. Thanks for listening!

  • Love, love, love this podcast! Mixing topics and letting it flow is a good change up! Wealth of info here and good way to understand how you really approach finding what works for you and being open to new ideas! Thank you!

  • Ezra and Andrew thanks for mentioning SweetProcess in this interview.

    I am one of the co-founders of SweetProcess and I am available to answer any question that the listeners of this podcast might have regarding how to document procedures and/or systematize their business.

    So if you are reading this comment and have a question, go ahead, leave it as a comment and I will respond with an answer.

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