Have you asked yourself lately what the heck is going on with hiring? It’s a great time to be an employee, but a rough time to be an employer, and unless you’re a business of one, you have likely experienced the pain of finding the right people to join your team over the last year. In this episode, I’m joined by three wonderful ECF community members, Andy Hayes of PlumDeluxe.com, Meredith Erin from BoredwalkTshirts.com, and Mehtab Bhogal from KartaVentures.com, to discuss all things hiring.

Listen in as we talk about what has happened with the job market, including the trends Andy, Meredith, and Mehtab are each seeing in their respective markets around the country. You’ll learn the factors that have played into the difficulty finding the right people to fill open roles, how they are trying to get people through the door, and what to expect for hiring as government benefits begin to expire. We also dive into some of the egregious things that job applicants have asked for in their job search.

You’ll learn:

  • What hiring has been like over the last year. (5:10)
  • How government benefits have affected the hiring process. (10:30)
  • Some of the more egregious asks from applicants. (16:45)
  • Why there is such an absence of high-quality employees and how companies are competing for top talent. (19:30)
  • The opening positions that Andy, Meredith, and Mehtab have open right now. (29:00)

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(With your host Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel.comAndy Hayes of PlumDeluxe.com, Meredith Erin of BoredwalkTshirts.com, and Mehtab Bhogal of KartaVentures.com)


What Was Mentioned

Image credit to Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.


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