How to Succeed at the Subscription Revenue Model

Today I’ve got LemonStand’s Ross Paul on the show to talk about subscriptions—namely in the ecommerce space. LemonStand is a shopping cart company based in Vancouver, Canada, and as the company’s VP of Growth, Ross knows his stuff when it comes to building a successful subscription model. We dive right in to talk about which businesses can benefit from this model, billing issues people run into, and how to make sure you retain as many customers as possible. Tune in to hear it all now!

You’ll learn:

  • Which business categories are well suited for the subscription model
  • Who typically signs up for subscription services
  • The biggest drivers of churn and how to combat them


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  1. Wow! Your write-up is very informative. Your ideas helped to increase my knowledge of operating in eCommerce business as I am also an entrepreneur and seeking new ideas to grow my business.