It’s been a rough year for many of us. Shipping rates have gone through the roof, supplier prices are increasing, and margins are getting tighter. My good friend and regular guest Bill D’Alessandro joins me today to discuss one piece of the profitability puzzle: the sad world of supplier price increases.

We’re diving into what’s been going on in the world with supplier price increases, if the levels we’re hearing about are in line with what the official numbers say, and whether or not you can expect even more price increases in the near future. We’re also looking at different ways you can protect your business and your personal investments, and mitigate price increases without impacting your sales and profitability.

You’ll learn:

  • What Bill is seeing in his business when it comes to price increases. (14:30)
  • Whether the rate of inflation is going to remain consistent or get worse. (18:20)
  • Bill’s strategy for raising his prices. (23:15)
  • Whether Bill loaded up on inventory as prices started to increase. (27:00)
  • Our thoughts on personal investments. (30:00)

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