How Not to Be Boring Online

Today Lianna Patch of Punchline Copy joins the show to discuss how not to be boring with your website and how to sell through humor. It’s hard to do well—which is why not many people do it—but if you can pull it off, you have a huge advantage in the marketplace. Listen in to hear Lianna give her best tips on writing hilarious copy, ideas for sprucing things up on your website, and more.

You’ll learn:

  • How to sell through humor
  • Where you can spruce things up on your website
  • How to research copy from an analytical and/or emotional standpoint

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  1. Hi!

    What’s your take on ux vs copy. Meaning which has more impact to conversions in your opinion, well-crafted user experience or unique and spicy copy? Or one can not go without the other?