Where Should You Be Investing Your Money?

On my landmark 50th episode, I am flying solo. I am discussing where you should be looking to invest your money as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Many entrepreneurs want to invest in their future,  but don’t know where to start. I show you how I allocate my financial resources across my businesses, personal investments, and other outside opportunities.

This week, I cover all options I am already invested in, or are looking into for the future. My topics range from how to determine if you are ready to grow your business and how much you should invest to both high and low risk investment options. If you are thinking about investing, or looking to diversify, you do not want to miss this show!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • 4 points to consider when investing.
  • Why you first need to have you financial house in order before you even consider investing.
  • How having cash for opportunities is one of the most powerful thing you can do.
  • The pros of buying a house and paying it off.
  • How buying a business asset will generate significantly higher returns than nearly all other investments.
  • Why it is important to hedge your bets.

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