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After a bit of a dry spell, we’re experiencing a monsoon over here at the e-commerce news headquarters. Thankfully, we have protective head gear, which we’ll be tipping often to the ECF members who alerted us to this downpour.

Google announced two new link attributes and will begin prioritizing original reporting. Amazon expanded its Attribution program, while eBay launched a delivery service for sellers in Southeast Asia.

You can also read about Microsoft’s new e-commerce tools, or how BigCommerce and Shopify are targeting CBD sellers.

We’ve got you covered in the ECF News Cart for Sept. 25. You can also listen to this week’s roundup on the podcast via iTunesStitcher or the ECF Blog.


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In the News:

Google Announces New ‘Sponsored’ and ‘UGC’ Links (Hat tip to ECF member Andy Hayes)

  • rel=”sponsored” for links created as ads, sponsorships or other compensation deals
  • rel=”ugc” for links within user generated content such as comments or forum posts
  • rel=”nofollow” for when you want to link to a page without implying endorsement, including passing along ranking credit to another page

Google Changes Algorithm to Highlight Original Reporting

  • Changes to Google’s search guidelines will help it to “better recognize original reporting”
  • Allows reporters who do the leg work to keep more of the web traffic from their scoops

Amazon Expands Attribution Beta Program (Hat tip to member Casey Cutsail)

  • Attribution, which launched in beta last year, lets companies measure which ad campaigns are driving sales on Amazon
  • Enables on-demand access to conversion reporting, measures social media ads and allows bulk operations
  • Program now available to select U.S. brand owners selling on Amazon

Microsoft’s Launches Advanced New Ecommerce Tools

  • Dynamics 365 Connected Store notifies employees based on information gathered from in-store sensors and cameras
  • Can alert employees of out-of-stock issues, congested areas and (theoretically) to high-value customers walking in
  • Microsoft’s Azure already competes with Amazon in the cloud business

Shopify Opens Platform to CBD Retailers

eBay Launches New Delivery Service for Sellers in SE Asia (Hat tip to member Rex Bledsoe)

  • eBay’s SeaPass is a free automated fulfillment and shipping system for sellers in Southeast Asia
  • ePacket to add Cambodia, Germany, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Macau on Oct. 1
  • Comes amid eBay warning the reduction/elimination of ePacket would dramatically increase rates

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