Running a Store in China

Here, on The eCommerceFuel podcast, we have often discussed exporting goods from other parts of the world and even running our businesses from anywhere with an internet connection. From episode 57 with Andrew Henderson of to episode 47 with Austin Brawner of, this is a topic we have explored thoroughly. My guest today, however, is one that has acted upon these ideas and made them a reality.

Paul Lepa is a Canadian-born business owner, who, while working for another company, moved to China to work with several of his big clients. After discovering the incredibly cheap variety of quality raw materials, Paul made the jump to leave the corporate world and start his own business. Based out of Beijing, China, Paul is running an incredibly successful eCommerce business, selling only one basic product – pearls.

Paul joins us today as we explore why Alibaba is experiencing their incredible success in China and what Paul believes will be Alibaba’s biggest hurdles to tackling the US market in order to become a serious threat to the Amazon powerhouse. He also explains how to get around China’s extreme web censorship and what he believes is his secret to success. You do not want to miss this episode’s actionable information. But just a warning…it may have you wanting to book the next flight out to China so you too can take advantage of these incredible eCommerce options.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Why starting a business importing goods from China is still a good idea.
  • Paul’s philosophy that has contributed to his success.
  • Why Paul remained working out of Beijing.
  • How currency control works in China.
  • The big reasons that Alibaba is experiencing its extreme success in China.

What Was Mentioned

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  • Hey…great podcast. Almost motivated to quit my corporate job and move to China. Very insightful. The audio was fine on my end. Andrew- are you thinking of going to China now? You may miss big sky. 😉

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